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Monitor Websites & Social media

Engage with customers

Mange brand reputation

Seek opportunities

Explore the Features

Sentiment detection

Prediction and alert

Scenario alerts

Competitive environment compare

Explore the Features

Measures brand strength

Parallel manage clients and projects

Speak in customer lingo

Custom reports

Targeted, relevant results
& Clear interface

Weem learns from you rapidly and filter online mentions
and information into focused easy to understand interface
Our reports are readable. Our tool is simply intuitive
You are in control

Client? Campaign? both!

Split a large client into several sub-clients ( as branches in the same chain)

Title the client marketing /PR efforts and analyze them separately

Market analysis

The big picture is everything<br /> Take a quick peek or dive into the analysis,<br /> includes every aspect of your brand.

Actual customers

Understand the brand's customers. Their profile, places, hobbies and preferences.

Talk insight

Your Brand from customers point of view.<br /> Learn what they like and dislike, how they consume it and why. You can join in if you want

Platform preferences

Visual define the relevant websites or social media for your brand, Learn which groups and Hashtages are relevant.

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Be on top of your brand online talk. Get relevant, targeted mentions at real time,
with unbelievable analysis Brought to you by weem.